Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter and Happy Earth Day

We had a wonderful weekend with the pups. We traveled to Stockton State Park (Missouri) to visit family for the holiday weekend, and had a chance to check out a new trail within the park. This was the perfect way to celebrate Easter and Earth Day! The new Lakeview Trail is "open" but the grand opening will take place May 17. This is a gorgeous 8 mile trail with a beautiful view of nature and the lake.

Enjoying a beautiful Easter Sunday on the Lakeview Trail at Stockton State Park

Ruger posing for a picture along the trail. 

We also had a chance to take our paddleboards out on the water. Denali was really excited to go out. We will take the dogs out when it gets a little bit warmer - neither of us are interested in falling into 50 degree water if we flip! The park is home to a 6.65 mile water trail - Denali is looking forward to trying that out on the board this summer!

Denali was ready for a paddleboard ride!

It is warming up quickly, and we have to be sure to be careful with the dogs' training. The mornings have been cool, so we have been doing most of their mileage before dawn. We are really looking forward to racing with them this fall. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Training

Spring training is in full swing! We have been very busy recently with work and training so we apologize for the lack of posts.

We recently purchased a dryland rig from Artic Rigs. It has been fun to use the the dogs, and gives us an option other than running for their training. It also gives us a chance to take them to different locations.

The weather is starting to warm up so we are doing our best to make sure they are getting their longer runs in on cooler days. They're starting to shed, so the twice a day vacuuming has also begun.

We have also been doing some research on fall races we would like to do with the dogs. We will add them to our races page soon.

Thanks for visiting! Happy training.