Friday, February 10, 2017

Looking for a Running Buddy?

We came across a webpage the other day that reminded us of how we got into canicross and mushing. Nick was a competitive runner in both high school and college before dealing with a pretty serious injury. After recovering from the injury, Joy pushed Nick to get back into running, but running had lost its draw for Nick. Nick needed something to motive him to get up in the morning and lace up those running shoes. Nick found his motivation in the form of four legs, a wet nose, and a lot of fur, also known as Ruger. After seeing how much fun Nick and Ruger were having together, Joy wanted a dog to run with. The rest is history.

We came across this graph from Lovejoys Pet Food that puts a little science behind our journey into canicross. Are you looking for motivation to exercise? Maybe you will find that in a dog. Take a look at this, and see which breed might fit your exercise routine. Do not forget the tips at the bottom of the page!