Monday, August 11, 2014

Rig Training

A couple evenings per week, we have been working with the dogs on their commands with the rig. This has been helpful for when we are actually out and about with the rig. The dogs are doing quite well with this. Some instances are better than others, but the video is a good representation of their current level.

Of course, Fox was interested in being less than helpful all while being in the middle of things. He is concerned as there is no place for him to ride on this rig. 

We plan to keep working with them so they will be ready to go this fall!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summertime Heat

The pups have been getting a bit restless this week, as we have not been able to take them running due to the heat and humidity. The temps have been about 73 degrees in the mornings with the humidity around 80%. This is borderline for them, and we have chosen to stay on the safe side as we do not want to risk them overheating.

We have been working on hooking them up to the rig and working on commands. We have been asking them to line-out, sit, lay, stay, etc while hooked up. They are doing very well and we hope this will help as we move into the fall and start working with the rig.

Over the weekend we visited Stockton State Park to help out with a few events new to the area - Yoga in the Park and the Stockton Lake Triathlon. On Saturday morning, Nick took Ruger and Denali on the Lakeview Trail with the rig. The humidity was pretty high, but they did very well and were able to go for a swim after their run. They were definitely tired out for the day!

Calypso's training is coming along. It has been a bit difficult with the heat, but she is making progress. We will keep you updated.