Saturday, February 28, 2015

Payin' for the Spayin' 5k

Today is certainly a snowy day, but that didn't stop us from heading to Crocker, Missouri to run the Payin' for the Spayin' 5k benefiting Loving Paws Adoption Center (Pulaski County Humane Society). It was about 19 degrees at race time with a cold wind and snowflakes falling. The turnout was really great, especially for the weather.

The slogan for the race was cute: "Dogs can't add and cats can't subtract but they sure can multiply"  - as you can guess by the name and slogan, the funds raised assisted with the shelter's spay and neuter efforts.

Nick and Ruger took first overall (first runner in and first dog). Nick said Ruger had a great race and one of his best finishes.

Joy and Denali were the first females in, as well as the second dog. Joy had a bit more adventurous race. The clip that attaches Denali's line to Joy's belt popped open and Joy spent a portion of the race chasing Denali down, yelling "Denali, whoa" and "Denali, what the heck are you doing and WHY won't you stop?" all while barreling down a hill. Needless to say, it was not really funny at the time, but it is now. Denali stayed on course the whole time, and Joy was able to catch her within about 1/4 mile - it just seemed further! Needless to say, it was not really funny at the time, but it is now. Denali had a great finish as well and a good run overall.

The awards ceremony was held inside where some tasty crepes were waiting. This was a great test for the dogs as the yummy treats were being passed back and forth over their heads. Very tempting!

Overall, it was a great (hilly) race. The course was well marked and we had a great time.

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Ruger and Denali's Medals - 1st and 2nd Dog

After the race with our sweet dogs. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Back to Canicross - It's Race Time

Our snow is slowly melting away and it is time for us to start focusing on canicross again as we have two upcoming races. This weekend (February 28) we will be racing in Crocker, Missouri at Payin' for the Spayin'. The following weekend we will be in Lebanon at the Jacket's Dog Jog 5k. The Dog Jog will be Calypso's first 5k! She will be racing with our friend, Jamie. We are hoping for a great race for them both.

You can learn more about our upcoming races on our "Racing" page. Know of a fun dog-friendly 5k? Let us know!

Sunday Morning Sledding

Most of the sledding we have been able to do this year has been in the dark (before or after work). We were excited to have a chance to go when it was light outside!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stick around, snow!

We got a bit of rain/sleet/ice/messy stuff overnight and some of the snow is starting to melt away. We are hoping it will stick around for a few more days!

We took the dogs with us to visit some family over the weekend and had a chance to let the pups check out some new terrain. They were a bit distracted by the new territory, but did a pretty good job overall.

Calypso is doing fantastic. We are very impressed with her progress and were discussing how wonderful it is to see her grow as a sled dog.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Morning Mushing

We took the dogs out for an early morning run. We have been giving Denali the chance to run lead a bit more. She ran lead for the majority of the run today and did a great job. Ruger does a great job in lead as well as wheel, and Calypso is doing fantastic. This week was the first "real" snow of the season, and Monday was Calypso's first time being hooked up to a sled. We are really proud of her progress.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Our First Rig Race

There are not many people who are interested in mushing/canicross in our area. However, last fall when we attended Rig Rondy in Woodstock, Illinois we connected with several members of the Gateway Sled Dog Club out of St. Louis.

This lead us to become members of the club, and we were able to attend our first rig race on the Hamburg Trail near St. Charles.

The dogs did very well with their hook-up. They listened well, and were very calm on the way to the starting line.

First, we raced with Ruger, Denali, and Calypso. This was Calypso's first race ever while Ruger and Denali have participated in various canicross races. Ruger was our lead dog, and he and Denali did a great job. Calypso was a bit timid and we found out she is scared of bicycles. After the first bike passed her, she got scared and did not want to run. However, she did finish with a little coaxing. That being said, the 3 dogs completed the 1 mile race with a time of 6:10 - good enough for 3rd place.

Next, we raced Ruger and Denali in the 1 mile rig race. They did excellent! They took first place with a time of 3:54. The volunteer at the turnaround was surprised at how fast they were moving - he tried to get his phone out to take a video and just wasn't quick enough.

This was a wonderful experience for us because it gave us a chance to learn a bit more about the dogs, including their strengths and weaknesses. We were beginning to worry that perhaps Calypso does not like to run, but that thought quickly disappeared when we took her for a 6 mile training run Saturday evening. She did fantastic and was begging for more. So, we think she was just a bit scared from her first big race experience.

We are proud of all our dogs and the progress they are making. We would never ask one of the dogs to do something they did not enjoy, so it warms our hearts to know they really love running with us.

We have a few races coming up within the next few months. We have Payin' For the Spayin at the end of February and the Jackets Dog Jog the first weekend in March (check out our "Racing" page for more upcoming events). Calypso has been training hard for these two 5k races with our friend Jamie. Jamie has been kind enough to offer to race with Calypso so she can get a bit of race experience. The two do very well together and we are hoping they both have a fun, positive racing experience.

 Finishing up the 3 dog race

Ruger and Denali ready to start the 2 dog race

Running hard!

Absolutely love these three dogs. Look at their smiles!

The kid in the car parked next to us dropped all his Chex Mix on the ground. 
The clean up crew was ready!