Our Dogs

Ruger is our wonderful Alaskan Malamute. Ruger came to us from a loving family breeder, Brown's Big Babies, located in Dixon, MO. For a malamute, he is rather lanky. When we do have enough snow for sledding, Ruger is our go-to lead dog. He excels on difficult terrain, and truly enjoys pulling. Ruger does not have quite as much foot speed as some other dogs, but once he settles into his pace, he can hold that pace forever. If you happen to be at a race with Ruger, you will know. He will be the dog at the start line screaming with excitement. Ruger is about as happy as they come.

Birthday: 3/05/2011
Weight: 90 pounds
Height: 28 inches
Position: Lead, Wheel

Denali is our beautiful Alaskan Husky. We were lucky enough to find her at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, MO. She was the perfect addition to our family. Denali is a spirited girl that is all about speed. She loves to run as fast and as far as she can. Denali gets very excited when she knows we are getting ready to head out for a running workout. Her favorite type of run is speed work. She loves the word "repeats" knowing this means "lots of running as fast as she can". She enjoys kayak, paddleboard, and paddleboat rides. She is also quite the cuddler and enjoys being lazy in her time off.

Birthday: 7/10/2011
Weight: 50 pounds
Height: 23.5 inches
Position: Swing, Lead

Calypso is our lovely Siberian Husky. We were fortunate enough to find her through Paws Place, a great rescue in Rocky Mount, MO. She is a fun-loving and energetic girl that enjoys spending time with her pack. She is quite vocal and loves to tell you about her day. She is relatively new to our family (joined our family on 6/1/14) but has blossomed into a wonderful friend. She is slowly building her endurance and speed and is proving to be a wonderful wheel dog for our team. She is up to running 10+ miles at a steady pace and seems to really enjoy her time in harness.

Birthday: 2008
Weight: 45 pounds
Height: 20.5 inches
Position: Wheel

Prudhoe is our newest addition. He is a sweet, playful Alaskan Malamute. Once we decided we wanted to add a fifth dog to our family, we started our search and finally found loveable Prudhoe (then, Apollo) at Pet Angels Rescue in Edmond, Oklahoma. He joined our family on 4-11-15. He is doing incredibly well so far. We are working on his manners and he is quickly learning shake and high-five. He is quite playful and very inquisitive. After his first run, we quickly learned he is eager to please, hard working, smart, and willing to run. He is a very determined team member, and we are pleased at how hard he works. We have taken to calling him Prudy-Duck as he makes a quacking noise for the first quarter-mile of every run. 

Birthday: 12-2012
Weight: 60 pounds
Height: ~23 inches
Position: Wheel

Fox is one of our namesake dogs. He is a Shiba Inu. If you have dealt with Shibas before, you will not be surprised to hear he is incredibly cat-like. Fox does not run (unless it is for food). Fox likes typical cat activities: curling up in sunny spots, rubbing himself on your feet, and doing things on his terms. He is also the first to alert us to any "suspicious activity". On occasion, Fox rides in the sled basket and lets the other dogs do all the work.

Birthday: 1/06/2002
Weight: 28 pounds
Height: 18 inches

Lucky is the other of our namesake dogs. Lucky was a Flat-Coated Retriever mix. Lucky was a great friend and loved running, but did not have the endurance of the sled dogs. On a run with Lucky, he would lead for the first mile, run with you for the second, and run behind you for the third. Lucky was an attention hog that always needed to be at the center of the action. We wish he was still with us.

9/30/1996 - 12/16/2011

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