Monday, August 3, 2015

Fall . . . We are ready for you!

As much as we love summer for all the hot fun it brings, our pups are ready for fall - and we are too.
We have started planning our fall racing and training.

We are very excited to head back to Woodstock, IL for Rig Rendezvous in November. If you are not familiar with this fun and well put together event, we encourage you to check it out here.
We are planning to participate in canicross, the 4 dog dryland rig event, and hopefully the relay. Last year we were only able to participate in canicross (which was a blast), so this year will be a bit different for us. This race was well coordinated, and we learned a lot simply by watching.

We would love to attend Dirty Dog Derby at the end of October as well, but we have a conflict. We have heard great things about this race as well. If you're interested, check it out here.

We are also looking forward to doing some camping and training on the Frisco Highline Trail and the Katy Trail. These trips provide us with a chance to get away, and they provide the dogs with new scenery during training runs.

As for now, we are running with the pups when it is cool enough. This weekend was reasonably cool (mid-upper 60s in the morning) so we had a chance to log a few miles.

The dogs have been keeping busy during the hot summer days by romping in the yard and taking extra naps.