Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Choosing the Proper Harness for your Dog

Recently, we have been asked for recommendations for harnesses. We decided to put a little info together to help out others who are interested in purchasing a harness for their pet.

There are several different types of harnesses:

No-Pull Harness
There are several types of no-pull harnesses.
One type has a leash attachment ring at the center of your dog's chest which allows you to have more control of your dog's front half and guides him toward you when he begins to pull.

The second type of harness works by gently tightening around your dog's chest or leg area, which restrains your dog when he pulls.

A head halter is also an option for pullers. It consists of a strap that goes around your dog's nose and a second strap that goes around his neck behind his ears. The leash connects to the halter under the dog's chin to a ring that is attached to the nose strap. When your dog starts pulling, the design of the head halter causes the dog's nose to be turned down and back toward you. This makes it difficult for your dog to continue pulling.

Pull/Indifferent to Pulling Harness

For Ruger and Denali, we have chosen to use the X-Back Harness with foam from Nooksack Racing Supply in Maine. The harnesses are very good quality and hold up extremely well.
This is a standard sled dog harness. The harness distributes weight evenly over the dog's shoulders and allows him to pull without choking himself.

There are several other harnesses that will allow your dog to pull or will be comfortable for your dog while running. For example, Howling Dog Alaska offers the Distance Harness. The Distance Harness only reaches about 1/3 down the dog's body, which tends to help eliminate the pressure on the dog's hips while pulling. Therefore, this harness a good choice for any dog with lower back problems.

If you have questions about harnesses or what type of harness might be best for you and your dog, ask! We would love to help you pick the best harness for your dog.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Ruger & Denali

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