Sunday, June 8, 2014

Calypso's First Run

We had the honor of taking Calypso for her first run this morning. We were not sure how it would go. We were a little concerned she might get yanked around a bit as she would be running alongside Ruger. Calypso and Ruger ran with Nick, while Denali ran with Joy. Calypso was a total natural. She got yanked forward a bit with the first "hike!" command, but immediately after, she put her head down and pulled. She was enjoying herself, so we kept the run short to ensure she had a pleasant experience and would look forward to the next run. As with any new activity, we wanted to make sure to start her out slow so she had the chance to learn. We will carefully build her mileage as she grows more comfortable with running and the commands.

We chose to run her next to Ruger as he is a great teacher. She will learn quickly from him.

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