Friday, June 20, 2014

Update: Week of June 16

Happy Friday!

This has been a busy but enjoyable week! The weather has been decent, but a little bit on the warm side. The mornings have been ranging from 70-75. We run before the sun comes up, but 75 is still too warm, even for a slow run.

The dogs have been doing great with their training. Calypso is beginning to shed her winter coat, so until she loses a bit more hair, will be very careful with her training with regards to temperature. Ruger and Denali have been enjoying shorter runs in the morning ranging from 2-3 miles.

It is supposed to cool down next week, so we are hoping to get some extra mileage in. Additionally, we are ready to allow Calypso to get some mileage in as well.

Calypso's health seems to be doing well. We have not witnessed any other head tremors which is a plus. We are fortunate to have her in our lives, and we want to make sure we can provide her with the best care possible. She is really growing and fitting in well with our family. She is developing relationships with each of the other dogs, and is bonding well with us.

Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy some time outside!

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