Monday, July 21, 2014

Taking the Rig on the Trail

This weekend we visited Stockton State Park and had the chance to take the dogs and the rig on the new 8 mile Lakeview Trail.

The trail is fairly smooth, and we could tell the dogs were having a great time. They listened very well and were excited to try out a new route. There isn't much room for passing, and the trail offered some steep challenges, but the dogs did a great job.

Calypso is doing well with her training. It is a slow process, but she is coming along. She is doing well with her commands, and responds well to directions. We are working on her endurance. She gets very excited when she sees the harnesses and is always eager to run with the other dogs. She does not get quite as excited to run alone, so we are working to foster the love of running on her own and with the other dogs. Overall, she is doing pretty well and she is fitting in well with our pack.

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