Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Jackets Dog Jog 5k

Today we participated in The Jackets Dog Jog 5k in Lebanon benefiting the local animal shelter and youth baseball. It was Calypso's first race (she raced with our friend, Jamie). We attached a neckline between Calypso and Denali to help her out since she sometimes gets a bit frightened of things that pass her due to her visual impairment. 

Overall, Calypso did very well. She struggled a bit around mile 2.5 as we were passing other dogs and people, but she did finish strong. We really appreciate Jamie and the help she has given us. Calypso has really bonded with her and they make a great pair. Jamie/Calypso and Joy/Denali ran 22:08 which is a wonderful time for Calypso's first race!

Nick and Ruger ran a PR of 16:10 and won overall. It was a great race for them both, and they had a great time. 

We really love seeing more dog-friendly 5k events pop up in our area. It's always fun to see people exercising with their pets. 

Nick and Ruger after the race

Calypso with the hat Jamie won

Thanks for the medal. I'm sleepy and the sun feels so good.

Nick and Joy with Ruger, Denali, and Calypso

Sweet, sweet Denali dog

Joy and Jamie with Denali and Calypso

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