Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend Workout - March 14-15

This weekend was great for working with the dogs. We were able to train them on two different trails.

Saturday morning brought a drizzly start to the weekend, which was perfect for the dogs, but not so great for Joy who was racing a St. Patrick's Day 15k. Anyhow - Nick took the dogs to the Friso Trail for an 8 mile run on the rig while Joy ran in Springfield. The dogs did great and both Ruger and Denali had a chance to run in lead. The dogs had a bit of motivation at the end of the run as a cat ran out in front of them.

Sunday was cool, and perfect for a long run. Nick took the dogs on the rig on the 8 mile Lakeview Trail at Stockton State Park and throughout the park as well. This was a great 14 mile run and both Ruger and Denali had a chance to run lead. Calypso did great - we can really see the improvements she has made in both her speed and endurance.

We are looking forward to some Katy Trail training in the near future as well!

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