Saturday, May 2, 2015

Feels Like Summer

The weather is warming up quickly. After a cool week, we are in the mid 70s-80s today. Ruger and Prudhoe are just starting to blow their coats. Calypso has blown about half of her coat. This means we have to keep an eye on the temperature when it comes to exercising the dogs. Of course we do not run them when it is too hot anyhow, but this time of year is tricky.

Prudhoe is making progress in his training as well as with his manners. He absolutely loves to run. He is eager to please and he works very hard. He is going to be a really great wheel dog. Calypso is teaching him how to navigate the gangline and he is learning his gee/haw commands quite quickly.

When we adopted Prudhoe, he knew how to sit. He would respond to "stay" sometimes, and he jumped and mouthed quite a bit. He now does very well sitting and staying for his food. He is jumping up on us less and the mouthing has subsided substantially. We are still working on being able to touch/hold his paws. He is a very loving dog and he wants to be wherever we are. The other dogs are doing well with him and seem to have accepted him as a pack member. He is still working to find his place in the pecking order, but that will come. He and Ruger have been sharing toys and playing nicely in the yard which is great, as sometimes male malamutes have a hard time getting along.

We are very happy with Prudhoe's progress as well as the progress the other dogs are making as well.

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