Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend at the Lake

Memorial Day Weekend is always a great way to kick off summer, even if it is rainy and chilly like this year!

We took the dogs to the lake and took advantage of the gravel roads for dryland mushing. It was quite humid, but the dogs love a good jump in the lake post-run to cool off.

Despite the humidity, the dogs ran well. They only stopped to pick up one turtle (we promptly returned him). 

This was Prudhoe's first chance to swim in the lake. He seemed to enjoy himself. As usual, Fox stayed far away from the water. 

It has been storming quite a bit this week which has hampered our training a bit, but we are looking forward to getting on the trails at Stockton State Park over the weekend. 

Joy and Denali ready to head to the water

Ruger enjoying a lazy morning at the lake house

Denali on a boat


Prudhoe's first lake swim

Denali and Nick on the baot

Denali headed to the water

Joy and Calypso on the dock

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