Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Training

Maybe we should have titled this post "Summer Training or Lack Thereof" as it has been so warm already this year.

Denali has completely blown her coat, but Ruger, Calypso, and Prudhoe have not. This makes training tough when it is 75 degrees and humid at 5am. Between the temperature and thunderstorms, we have not had much of a chance to run with the pups over the last week. They are getting a little hyper to say the least. Today it's a bit cooler and raining so hopefully this afternoon or evening we may have a chance to take them out and get a few miles in.

We did have a chance to run with them at Stockton State Park over the weekend, and they really enjoyed it. Calypso went for her first solo run in a few months as she usually runs with either Ruger or Denali. She did very well on her own and we would like to foster this by working with her one-on-one a bit more. The dogs also had a chance to swim and spend some time out on the paddleboards. Ruger went for a nice walk with Nick to the marina store for breakfast as well. Although he was disappointed that Nick forgot to order his breakfast sandwich, he enjoyed himself.

Prudhoe is really fitting in and the dogs have accepted him. Ruger has even started sharing his toys! He is very eager to learn and please, and really enjoys running. We are excited to hook him up to the sled this winter.

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