Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Prudhoe Update

Prudhoe has been with us for a few days now and is adjusting well. He still has a few puppy-like tendencies such as jumping and mouthing. He does not like to have his paws touched either. But, he is getting better. He gets very excited when you open the door to the house and he is quite a velcro dog, which is pretty sweet, especially when he gives you those puppy eyes.

He is getting along well with the other dogs. He and Ruger (and sometimes Denali) have been having a fun time playing together. Calypso does get irritated with his puppy antics at times, but he really likes her. He follows her around the yard and the house and she doesn't seem to mind. She seems to mother him a bit. Calypso and Denali have been spending a bit more time together as well which is nice to see. Fox - well, Fox is Fox and he just doesn't care.

Prudhoe has been on two runs with us. His first run was just under 1 mile and his second was a very easy 2.3 miles. He did quite well both times. He is a hard worker and he has a strong desire to please. He is learning his commands (gee, haw, on-by, hike, whoa) and he wants to run. Yesterday, Prudhoe was taking the day off, and as Joy was harnessing Ruger and Denali for an evening run, Prudhoe jumped at the harness and tried to put his head through it. He was disappointed when Joy put him back in the yard and he did not get to run. This is a wonderful sign. As he is just beginning, he will run a day or two and then have a day or two off until he begins to lose a bit of weight and get more comfortable with our pack.

We are very excited to have Prudhoe in our family! He is fitting in well.

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