Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ruger Joins The Fit Club

We have been helping a friend of ours start a speed work group in our area that will meet once per week and focus on helping local runners get faster and meet their running goals. The group is called The Fit Club and you can learn more here if you are interested.

The first group workout was this morning, and about 12 runners showed up to work on speed. Nick brought Ruger along. It was a good chance to work on his "social skills" as well as passing and commands. The workout was a simple fartlek of 2 minutes hard/2 minutes easy with a warm up and cool down. After the "hard" segments, the front runners loop back to pick up the runners in the rear. This was a great chance to let Ruger go "on by" people moving in an opposite direction. Overall, he did very well and enjoyed the workout. Plus, he received quite a bit of attention which is always nice.

Nick and Ruger were kind enough to be the photographers 
for our post-run group photo.

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